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Deodorant pine oil compound was tested at ARBRO pharmaceuticals limited. The Deodorant pine oil compound was diluted by taking 50 mL of Deodorant pine oil compound and 900 mL of good water source.(Ratio-1:18) According to ISI standards, the tested Deodorant pine oil compound on dilution with water forms dispersed stabilized emulsions which remains white to off-white . The image of ISI standards has been attached below. Certificate of analysis has also been attached.
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250 mL of Adyar Sewage river was taken.The odour of the sewge water was not good. 5 mL of sodium hypochlorite solution was added intially to the sewage water which changed the colur and on extra addition of 4 mL of sodium hypochlorite solution the colour of the solution became clear. After addition of sodium hypochlorite to the water as mentioned above the odour wasn't anymore unpleasant. Images post addition of sodium hypochlorite has been shown.
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The deodorant pine oil compound on dilution becomes white phenyl. The dilution was carried out with 1L of pine oil compound and 17L of good water( example-RO water) and this ratio was termed as 1:17 where 1 stands for pine oil compound and 17 stands for water. Amongst the ratios, 1:18 was stable and provided good results. Post-dilution image is shown.
Sodium hypochlorite has the potential advantages over Trichloroisocyanuric acid(TCCA) which are listed below: 1) TCCA is more costlier than sodium hypochlorite. 2)TCCA lowers the alkalinity of the swimming pool water. 3)TCCA corrodes equipments and pool tiles if not used propely and to neutralise the effects caused by TCCA, extra chemicals are required which increases the overall cost. 4)Sodium hypochlorite doesn't have a significant limit in water becuase it doesn't cause serious damages to human body.
Sodium Hypochlorite - Manufacturer and supliers Sodium Hypochlorite 5-6% Strength contains Available Chlorine content of 50-60 gms/lt Sodium Hypochlorite known as bleach liquid, household bleach in commercial parlance is the oldest, , most efficient and commonly available disinfectant in that it is effective across the complete range of micro-organism