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S.C Stripper / Chlorine Dioxide Generator INR   0 INR  0

S.C Stripper / Chlorine Dioxide Generator

We have indigenously with our qualified Chemical Engineers and with the technical assistance rendered by a reputed academic Research Institution developed a three feed Chlorine Dioxide generator capable of generating Pure Chlorine Dioxide solution of 3 to 8 gram/litre (GPL) from Sodium Chlorite. The indigenous generator will give Chlorine Dioxide solution ready to use tailor made to your application. There are no safety issues and no pollutant toxic gas emanates from the generator. It is so simple to use and there is savings because of optimum usage of Sodium Chlorite and 95% conversion of the same. The Chlorine Dioxide Generator will give pure Chlorine Dioxide solution that can be used for other applications like extending the life of Dry flowers. It can be used as a biocide to sterilise storage containers which are to hold the cut flowers as well as for sterilisation of pumping apparatus and tubing.



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