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Sodium Hypochlorite 5-6% & 10-12% INR   0 INR  0

Sodium Hypochlorite 5-6% & 10-12%

Two Grades are available Sodium Hypochlorite 5-6% Strength contains Available Chlorine content of 50-60 gms/lt Sodium Hypochlorite 10-12% Strength contains Available Chlorine Content of 100-120 gms/lt Sodium Hypochlorite is being manufactured from pure inputs namely Caustic Soda and Liquid Chlorine in toners. We can supply based on your specifications The final Caustic alkalinity in the product can be adjusted that is increased or lowered based on your requirement. We can work on contract/ Toll manufacturing basis also.The plant can be inspected if required. Sodium Hypochlorite known as bleach liquid, household bleach in commercial parlance is the oldest, most efficient and commonly available disinfectant in that it is effective across the complete range of micro-organism. In addition bleach solution has deodorizing properties. Usage of bleach controls the multiplication or growth of micro -organism and putrefaction and hence odour can be controlled. Bleach solution is used for bleaching and removing tough stains in white clothes and fabrics.



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