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Vasu Chemical Industries

Vasu Chemical Industries (V.C.I) is one of the oldest, established and successful Chemical Industry since 1972. We have our own manufacturing facility housed in GUINDY Industrial Estate. Chennai. Tamil Nadu. We have given our Know-How and technical expertise to manufacture Sodium Hypochlorite to Chemfab Alkalies Pondichery and Punjab Alkalies and Chemicals Limited Naya Nangal Punjab. We were the pioneers to moot the concept of making wealth from waste in Caustic Chlor units. Caustic Chlor units earlier were discarding the waste Calcium Hypochlorite emanating from their Waste Dechlorination Plant (WAD). The Sniff Chlorine was neutralised by absorbing in Calcium Hydroxide to produce Waste Calcium Hypochlorite and discarded. Based on our inputs and new markets created for Sodium Hypochlorite ,Caustic Chlor units in Southern Region have now switched over to Saleable Sodium Hypochlorite manufacture in their WAD plant by absorbing the Sniff Chlorine in Caustic Soda. We were entrusted a contract for clearing the Sodium Hypochlorite so generated on a daily basis from their WAD plants by both Spic Ltd Heavy Chemical Division Chennai and Travancore Cochin Chemicals (T.C.C) Ernakulam. We were successful in clearing the entire quantities during the contractual period spanning over two decades. We have introduced Sodium Hypochlorite for waste paper pulp bleaching in small paper mills who were using Calcium Hypochlorite / Bleaching powder . We have treated two to three tons of Solid Cyanide waste emanated from their Heat treatment section at Ordinance Factory OFT Trichy premises utilising our personnel and Chemical Sodium Hypochlorite. We have earlier manufactured products Esters like Allyl Caproate and Isoamylacetate ,Alumina Hydrate, Printing inks, liquor ammonia, We have developed a Chlorine Dioxide Generation equipment to generate 5 to 8 gm/ lt utilising technical expertise from a Research Institution and our experience.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Vasu Chemical Industries, No 26-A, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Guindy Industrial Estate, Ekkatuthangal, , Tamil Nadu 600032

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